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Holiday Wine Charms and Gifts

All charms can be ordered individually, in sets as shown, or you can "mix and match" and kreate your own set. Each design can also be made into a charm, earrings or any other item we offer.

Don't see your holiday listed? Let us know and we can make ANY theme for you: National Pizza Day, Grandparents Day, Washington's Birthday, you name it - we can do it! Have fun browsing our shop!

Hanukah | Christmas | Kwanzaa | New Years/Chinese Zodiac
Valentines Day | St Patrick's Day | Mardi Gras
Easter|Passover | Cinco de Mayo | Mother's Day | 4th of July
Halloween | Thanksgiving | Birthdays | Graduation/Reunion
-Set of 6
Star Of David Star of David Earrings    

hannukah charms


star of david charms

star of david charms


12 Days of a Wineaux Christmas
Wine Charms
12 Days of Texas Christmas
15 Traditional Holiday
Wine Charms
Christmas Water Bottle Charms
or Gift Tags
Fun Holiday Charms

12 Days of Christmas Wineux wine charms

12  handmade wine charms
11  full wine glasses
10 pounds of cheese
9   vines of grapes
8   working corkscrews
7   wine decanters
6   barrels of merlots
5   full wine racks
4   bites of chocolate
3   loaves of bread
2   stomping barrels
and a picnic basket full of wine goodies

set of 12 - $39.48
comes in a clear lid gift box
gift wrapped for $1 more!!

12 Days of Texas Christmas Ornaments
12 cowboy hats
11 yellow roses
10 long neck beers
9 hunters hunting
8 bluebonnets
7 armadillos
6 flags of texas
5 oil wells
4 prickly pears
3 mockingbirds
2 longhorn bulls
1 lone star up in a big blue sky

$95.88 for all 12
These can be made into wine charms,
set of 12 same price as Wineaux set

Traditional Holiday Charms wine charms

row 1- piece of candy, poinsetta,
dove, gift, sled
row 2 - bell, ornament, flake, candle, list
row 3 - tree, angel, nutcracker,
caroler, wreath 


Christmas Water Bottle Charms or Gift Tags

milk & cookies, naughty / nice list
boy snowman, elf, girl snowman
reindeer, snowflake, toy shop, sled
ornament, toy bag, glove
gift, angel, tree
gingerbread boy, drum, gingerbread girl

(great for the kids, designated
drivers, runners, golfers...)

15 Fun Holiday Charms

row 1 - santa hat, candy cane,
elf, stocking, light bulb
row 2 - snowman with broom,
sideways deer, santa in
chimney, front-facing deer,
female snowman
row 3 - gingerbread man, santa,
santa head, mrs claus,
gingerbread house
12 Days of Christmas Squares 12 Days Of Christmas Numbers Angels Angel Earrings Camo Santa And More
12 Days of Christmas Squares >12 Days of Christmas Squares

set of 6 angel wine charms


angel earrings


camo christmas set;
Set Of 4
Christmas Special Custom Winery
Christmas Wine Charms
Elf Elf With Attitude
christmas set

christmas set

Custom Winery Charms

elf waterbottle charm elf with attitude
Elf With Wine Gingerbread People
tree Earrings
Happy Christmas
Wine Charms
Holiday Bulbs Charms
elf with attitude

gingerbread people pin

gingerbread tree earrings

Happy Christmas Charms

christmas lightbulb charms

"Let it snow" Earrings Light Bulb Charms
(With Bling)

Light Bulb Earrings-Green
(With Bling)

Light Bulb Earrings-Purple
(With Bling)
Light Bulb Earrings-Red
(With Bling)

snowflake earrings

Christmas light bulb wine charms Christmas light bulb earrings Christmas light bulb earrings Christmas light bulb earrings
Light Bulb Earrings-Teal
(With Bling)
Light Bulb Earrings Mr. And Mrs. Winedrinkers Mini Elves
Mini Poinsettas
Christmas light bulb earrings

Christmas Light Bulb Earrings

they can be personalized with any name. The large ones are 1 1/4" long (bulb size)and the small ones are 1" long.

mr and mrs winedrinkers charms mini christmas elves charms

mini christmas poinsetta charms

Mini Santa Family
Mini Snowmen Naked Santa Earrings Personalized Bulbs Poinsettias

Mini santa family charms

mini christmas snowman charms

naked santa earrings

personalized bulbs


Santa's Family Santa's Wine "dangly" Snowman Earrings Snowman
Ear Cuff
Symbols of Christmas
Wine Charms
Poinsettias Poinsettias

Dangly Snowmen earrings

snowman ear cuff

6 symbols of christmas wine charms


Victorian Christmas Wine Theme Christmas      

Victorian Christmas


Wine Theme Christmas      
-Set of 8
    6 kwanzaa charms    

New Years

Chinese Zodiac New Year Bottle Charm New Year Bottle Earrings New Years Earrings 1 New Years Earrings 2

12 Chinese zodiac charms

12 new year wine charms new year wine bottle earrings

new year's earrings old and new

new year's earrings


New Years Charms New Years Charms
(w/o personalization)
New Years Charms
New Years Pin New Years-
Pink and Blue Set

New Year's Charms

new years charms

personalized new years charms

New Year's Pin


New Year's Pink and Blue Set
Valentines Day
Cupid Earrings Hearts
"Kiss Me" Earrings Marry Me Sweet Hearts

cupid_earrings.JPG (4510 bytes)

hearts multicolor wine charms<

valentine's day earrings

Valentine's Day candy heart style charms

Valentine's Day candy heart style charms

Valentine's Day Cat Earrings Valentine's Day Chocolate Earrings Valentine's Day Elephant Earrings Valentine's Day Mouse Earrings Valentine's Day Puppy Earrings
valentine cat earrings valentine Kiss Me Chocolate earrings valentine elephant earrings valentine's day mouse earrings valentine puppy earrings
Valentine XOX Earrings Valentine Heart Personalized      

valentine XOX earrings

Valentine's Day candy heart style charms

St Patrick's Day >
Kiss Me I'm A Wineaux Earrings Leprechaun Earrings Shamrock Earrings St Patrick's Day-Set of 8

St Patrick's Day 

St Patrick's day earrings

leprechaun earrings

shamrock earrings
"Kiss Me..."

shamrock earrings

St Patrick's Day charms

st patricks day charm collection this is a sample of our charms on, a zipper pull, earrings, key chain, book mark, and wine charms

St. Patrick's Day Mouse Earrings St. Patrick's Day Waterbottle Charms      
St Patrick's day mouse earrings

St Patrick's day waterbottle charms

Mardi Gras
3 Color Collar Beads Comedy Mask Mardi Gras Moon Mardi Gras Wine Charms
Mardi Gras Charms Mardi Gras Charms

Mardi Gras Charms

Mardi Gras Charms Mardi Gras Charms
Mardi Gras Set of 6 Masks Water Bottle Charms Tragedy Mask    
Mardi Gras Charms

mardi gras water bottle charms

Mardi Gras Charms    
Bunny Earrings Chocolate Bunny Earrings Cowboy Bunny Earrings Easter Charms Easter Charms-2
bunny earrings

chocolate_cowboy_bunnies.jpg (31928 bytes)

cowboy bunny earrings

easter_charms2.jpg (31317 bytes)
Easter Charm Fun 
Easter Chick Earrings Easter Mouse Earrings Easter Egg Religious Easter Charms Zebra Striped Bunny Earrings
easter chick hatching earrings mouse earrings easter egg wine charm

Easter Religous-6.jpg

bunny earrings
    10 Plagues of Passover    

10 plagues of passover charms

Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo
(set of 7)
Cinco de Mayo
(set of 18)
Name Tags or Pins Cactus Earrings Chili Peppers

cinco de mayo charms

cinco de mayo charms


Mariachis_name_bagde_group.jpg (105387 bytes)

cactus earrings

chili pepper charms


Chili Peppers
Chili Peppers
Donkey Earrings Flamenco Dancer
Flamenco w/Red
Ruffles Earrings

Chili_pepper_earrings_silver_peirced.jpg (23336 bytes)


Chili_peppers_gold_clipon.jpg (34730 bytes)


donkey earrings

flamenco dancer earrings

flamenco dancer in red ruffles earrings

Maraca Earrings Margarita Earrings Parrot Earrings Siesta Earrings Tequila Bottle

maraca earrings

margarita earrings

parrot earrings

siesta earrings

tequila bottle wine charm
Mother's Day
  Charms Earrings Pins  

mother_s_day_charms.jpg (14407 bytes)

mother's day wine charms

mother_s_day_pin.jpg (15775 bytes)

4th of July
Americana /
Set Of 14
Colonial Democratic Donkey Fireworks

Patriotic Birthday

patriotic wine charms

colonial wine charms

fireworks earrings fireworks earrings

patriotic birthday charms

Patriotic Charms
Set Of 12

Patriotic Fun Set

Republican Elephant Earrings    

Patriotic Charms

patriotic wine charms patriotic earrings    
Black Cat Personalized Boo Earrings Boo Earrings With Ghosts (Black) Boo Earrings With Ghosts (White) Bottle Of Boos Earrings
black cat charm BOO Earrings BOO Earrings BOO Earrings bottle of boos earrings
Boo Sheet
Boo-Zin Ghosts Candy Bag Tag Candy Bag Tag Personalized

Candy Corn Water Bottle Charm

boozin ghosts charm boozin ghosts charm candy corn bag charm personalized candy bag charm candy corn water bottle charm
Candy Corn Earrings Cat And Moon Earrings Dia de los Muertes Dia de los Muertes Earrings Frankenstein Earrings
candy corn earrings cat and moon earrings dia de los muertes wine charms dia de los muertes earrings frankenstein earrings
Frankenstein and Bride
Ghost Bag Tag Personalized Ghost Earrings (Green Eyes) Ghost Earrings (Purple Eyes) Ghost Earrings
Bride & Groom
dia de los muertes earrings ghost bag charms green eyed ghost earrings ghost earrings ghost earrings
Halloween 1 Set Of 6 Halloween 2
Set Of 6
Halloween 3
Set of 6
Halloween Frog Earrings Happy Halloween Bag Tag
6 cute halloween charms 6 spooky charms 6 spooky charms halloween frog earrings happy halloween bag tag charm
Halloween Owl Earrings Halloween Water Bottle Charms 1 Halloween Water Bottle Charms 2 Halloween Water Bottle Charms 3 Jack-O-Lantern Earrings
halloween owl earrings 10 cute halloween charms 10 Halloween Monsters charm set 10 Halloween charms halloween mouse earrings
Mouse Earrings Princess Pumpkin Pumpkin Cat Earrings "Dancing" Skeleton Earings-Black/Multicolor "Dancing" Skeleton Earings-White/Orange
halloween mouse earrings halloween princess pumpkin pumpkin cat earrings skeleton earrings skeleton earrings
"Dancing" Skeleton Earings-White/Multicolor Spider With Bling Earrings Spider Glittery Earrings Spider Web Earrings Spider Web
Bag Tag
skeleton earrings spider earrings spider web earrings spider web earrings spider web bag charm
Trick or Treat Bag Tag Witch Hat Earrings Witch Way To Wine Hat Wine Witches
set of 4
Witches Wine Red
trick or treat bag charm wine witches charm wine witches charm wine witches charm witches wine charm
    Witches Wine White    
    witches wine charm    
Thanksgiving Charms
Naked Turkey Earrings Pilgrim Earrings Thanksgiving-Set of 6 Thanksgiving-Set of 4 Turkey
Pilgrim Earrings

Pilgrim Earrings

6 thanksgiving charms

Charms are Handmade and Unique! 

4 thanksgiving charms; turkey thanksgiving charms
Turkey Earrings
Turkey Necklace
Personalized Turkey
turkey earrings Turkey necklace

Turkey Earrings

21 "Bun"ny Salute 40th Birthday Cake Charms 50th Birthday
"Over the Hill" Birthday
Wine Charms
50th Birthday
80th Birthday cake
21 Bun (Bunny) Salute 40th Birthday Cake Charms "over the hill" birthday celebrated with wine theme charms birthday cake charms birthday cake wine charms
80th Birthday Cake Set

Birthday Cake
4 basic colors

3 different designs

Birthday Cakes & Balloons   Birthday Earrings
birthday cake charms birthday cake wine charm

3 different birthday charms

birthday cakes and balloon charms birthday_earrings.jpg (
Birthday Cake Generic Birthday Generic Set Over The Hill
Over The Hill
Patriotic Birthday
bday cake wine charms bday generic wine charms bday over the hill wine charms bday over the hill wine charms

patriotic birthday charms

Class Reunion Diploma Earrings Graduate Earrings Graduation Charms (black) Graduation Charms (blue)

class reunion charms

diploma earrings

graduation couple



graduation charms

graduation charms


Pharmacy Student

Pharmacy Student Graduation Charms

reunion charms      


Because of the custom nature of our products - please call (618) 257-1365 or
email me to place an order.

RETAIL PRICES- before sale
custom orders from your picture $1 per item

wine Charms
1 1/8" - 1 1/4"      $3.29 each
$2.79 each for orders +100 

Stemless charms (with magnets) $2.99 each

water bottle charms 
1 1/8" - 1 1/4"      $3.29 each
$2.79 each for orders +100 

sets of 4

Sets of 6

wine bottle shaped wedding favors - $2.79 or $2.29 each for 101 or more

$6.58 per pair
sizes - 1 3/8" - 1 1/4"
IN silver, gold,
hypoallergenic wires, or posts
for pierced or clip-ons
in silver or gold

sterling silver available for $1 more

Charms WITHOUT rings
(for scrapbooking)
1 1/8" - 1 1/4"     $2.29 each

Zipper Pulls
1 7/8"     $5.49 each 
on silver or gold hooks

charm approx 2"
bookmark itself is 3 1/2"
$5.49 each silver or gold

NECKLACE CHARM WITH SILVER OR GOLD PRONG BAIL, as in Proud Navy Mom Necklace chain not included $2.79

Bag Tag
appro 1 1/2" x 2" with 2"long chain $5.99 each

Ornaments approx
2 1/2" on ribbons $7.99

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