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The Wedding Shop

Weddings -- the union of two people in love -- to be celebrated by the couple and their family and friends.  What better way to show your love and support than with personalized glabels (wedding wine charms)  from karen's kreations. Why not have a special set designedfor the special couple as a shower gift or wedding gift that reminds them of who they are and what brought them together -- such as, what state they are from, where they met, where they might live or go on their honeymoon, their pets, etc.  (see the Our Lives together or Joe& Jenni's Wedding Wine Charms for an example).

Our personalized wine charms are also great thank you gifts for members of the wedding party.  We will personalize each charm to coordinate with hair, skin, dress and flower color for each party member.  We will also coordinate the beads to match the wedding colors.  The ring colors can be silver or gold.  We will do not only people, but items that are meaningful to each member of the wedding party. (see Jen & Vadon's Wedding Wine Charms for an example). You can even have personalized sets of charms designed as "thank you" gifts for each of your wedding attendants. 

Our wine charms are also perfect wedding favors for guests as a reminder of the very special day they shared in in the lives of two very special people. Favors can be any shape from wine bottles to stars, flowers to hearts, castles to cars. (see favors picture)  The wine charm favors can be personalized with the bride and groom's name and wedding date and can be any theme or color scheme- not limited to those shown in the pictures. Order special wine charms for family members - personalize each with their name or their significance to the bride and groom.  Don't forget all your helpers - the friends and family members that helped make the day special by delivering things and running errands.  Thank them with a personalized glabel of their own!

Don't forget our personalized wine charms are also great for anniversary parties, birthdays, promotions, graduations and holidays. Wine charms are not just for wine glasses, our glabels (personalized wine charms) are also good for identifying coffee or tea cups, beer mugs, soda cans (hook them on the tab), or punch a hole in a plastic or styrofoam cup and mark cups at a picnic or child's party. 

Whatever you decide to do with our glabels - we must insist that you truly enjoy them!!  Stretch your imagination and let us help you design items that you and your friends and family will always love and remember!


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